Spoiler for Naruto the Movie : The Last (hot news!!)


I get excited for this upcoming Naruto the movie: the Last! It’s will be aired in Japan on 6th December, and maybe it will be too in Indonesia in the next January, 2015.

I got this from Instagram, so here are some spoilers for the movie :

About the story:

“The story’s timeline will start from the end of November and will end at the beginning of March, meaning the timeline will be 2-3 months long. The Winter Festival is actually something like the japanese valentine. On the first week of December, the females give presents to the males they like/love,  while on the last week of February the males give presents to the females they like/love.

The story make up in the next :

1. Naruto has a small introduction about the story (his birth, team seven, sasuke’s left, etc)

2. Hanabi is kidnapped, and the rescue team goes to save her.

3. Toneri meets with Naruto and the gang and steals Naruto’s Sage mode and Sasuke saves everyone.

4. Naruto and Hinata get sepparated from the others and find themselves on an isolated island. While Kiba, Shino, Tenten, and Lee go to search them, Sasuke stays in the village to protect it until Naruto comes back (much too Sakura’s enjoyment). From this part the “romance” marathon comes.

5. After Naruto and Hinata come back to the village, some days passes and on the week of the males, Naruto wants to give a gift to Hinata. However, it is revealed that Toneri assaulted her and Toneri quickly defeats Naruto then tortures him in front of Hinata until Hinata drinks something that Toneri gave her. After that, Toneri leaves with Hinata, only the red scarf leaving behind that Hinata knitted for Naruto.

6. Naruto got depressed but thanks to a hooded man, his heart revives and decide to save Hinata. The others (including the pairs, the kages, and other minor characters) following him.

7. In Toneri’s lair, Toneri prepares a wedding and reveals that his plan to create a “new kaguya”, also reveals that not only the Otsutsuki clan, but Hyuuga clan also came from another dimension and that Kaguya is the child of an Otsutsuki and Hyuuga. Toneri wants to create a new Kaguya with Hinata.

8. There will be some “ellite warrior” of Toneri, a male of Uchiha, a male Hyuuga, a male Aburame, and a female Akimichi. Also, there is a scared man who is later will be revealed the man who talked Sasuke’s father, Uchiha Fugaku into the Uchiha rebellion plan (the reason they were massacared down). The two final battle will be “Naruto + Hinata vs Toneri” and “Sasuke +Sakura vs Sacred Man (his name is Kyoumu and from Nara clan). Karin, who secretly followed Sasuke and Sakua, saves Sakura by sacrificing herself and ask Sakura to protect Sasuke forever. Sasuke and Sakura kill Kyoumu, then going to help Naruto and Hinata againts Toneri. In the end, they defeat Toneri and use a technique to negate the destruction of the moon.

9. After the battle, Naruto and Hinata suddenly disappears. They are at waterfall-lake kind place where Naruto confesses to Hinata.

10. On the credits staff roll, there are some romantic moment (datings, weddings, child births, etc)

About the paring :

1. Naruto reveals that when they were children, he believed that Hinata just wanted to make fun of him (the trailer scene). But reveals that over time, he started to take an interest in her and realised that Hinata liked/loved him, and he was very happy about it. He wanted to talk about it with Hinata,  but he had “inner demon” which holded him back. Not sure, but ‘things’ were related to his mother (Kushina) and something “substitution”.

2. After Hinata and Naruto are on the island, they spend times together for 2-3 months. Hinata teacher Naruto dancing and cooking while Naruto teaches Hinata the Rasengan and ‘dattebayo’. Naruto starts  developing stronger feeling as time passes.

3. Karui and Chouji meet at the festival, and Karui has inferiority in her cooking skill, but Chouji tells her that he believes her cooking skill are great. Karui has an interesting in him.

4. Ino has problems with the males and one of them try to rape her but Sai saver her. She kisses Sai on the cheek and Sai starts having “strange, warm feeling” for Ino.

5.  Sasuke gives a necklace to Sakura and Sakura give the same to Sasuke, too.

6. Naruto, after Toneri took Hinata away, has a mental breakdown and heartbroken, until a hooded man revives his heart by teaching him about love.

7. Naruto confesses to Hinata in the of the movie.

About the characters:

1. Character’s death : Orochimaru, Jugo, Kitsuchi, Samui, Atsui, Karin

2. Karin sacrifices herself to save Sakura. Sakura will take Karin glasses as a momento.

3. Suigetsu become the leader of Seven Swordmen of Mist.

4. Naruto reveals his main reason to not answering for Hinata’s confession : his mother, and because he believed that if he will become a couple with Hinata, it would only make Hinata feeling tht she would be just a “substitution”. But the hooded man convince him that there’s nothing like ‘subtitution’ in love.

5. Sasuke reveals the truth to Sakura about the massacare and the reason why he treated her ‘badly’ before because he wanted to protect her from himself.

7. Kyoumu is a missing nin from Konoha and a Nara clan member, who’s face was scared by Uchiha Shisui (Itachi’s mentor).

8. Kiba meets with Tamaki while searching for Naruto and Hinata with the others.


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